Websites As A Platform For Display Marketing Services

Display Marketing Services relates to advertising on websites. Your Ads appear on other websites. These Ads may be in different formats and are comprised of text, images, videos, audio and flash. Display Ads mainly target the visitors of other websites. People visiting those websites may or may not be interested in your product and services but creative display ads may be helpful in attracting their attention and they may become your prospective customers.

Display Marketing Services

APEXITES – Display Marketing Services Strategy

Display Marketing Services may be linked with the social media market websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or any other general or specific purpose websites. Advertising on these websites can be very lucrative with the right positioning of display ads. The key is to understand the types of display advertising and how to match it strategically to your service or product. At APEXITES, the team of marketing strategists would design the appropriate strategies of Display Marketing Services according to the type of market you need to cater.

Search Engine Display Marketing Services

Search Engines serve as one of the most used Display Marketing Services channel as you can get your ad displayed when people are performing searches on products or services similar to yours. You should know the market that you want to reach, location, interest and demographics of prospective customers and then choose the search engine that fits best. Our experts collect all the relevant information and match up the display ads for various search engines accordingly.

Contextual Display Marketing Services

By using Google’s ad network (the largest online display ad network) alongwith contextual targeting, Google will find websites and articles related to products and services similar to your target market and then place your ads on those sites. Ad networks contains hundreds to thousands of different websites most of which you may have never even heard of and wouldn’t know how to target. Google alone claims you can reach 83% of unique advertisers around the world using their network of websites. Our experienced team members would help to find new opportunities through Contextual Advertising. After running your ads, we will review which sites are sending the best traffic and then narrow your targeting to just these sites.

Social Media Display Ad Platform     

Social Media platforms like Facebook has several options for display advertising and offer customizable solutions. Display ads that appear on the left side of your Facebook page are paid targeted advertisements. Thirty-eight percent of Facebook ads reach the intended audience with a success rate of eighty-nine percent, and they have several additional platforms to choose from. Our SMM Advertising creative team would assist in making specially targeted display ads for the social media platforms to attract maximum clients.

Display Remarketing

Display remarketing is a highly targeted method of marketing as your ads only show to visitors who have already been on your site. Visitors have been “pre-qualified.” It works by showing display banner advertisements to visitors after they have left your site. It allows advertisers to reach out to past visitors and provide an incentive for returning. Ads can be targeted based on what visitors viewed on your website. For example, if they visited your Free Trial page without converting, your remarketing ad can promote your free trial. If visitors made it to your checkout page without completing their purchase, you can show remarketing ads with a lucrative offer like a 10% off checkout code. Our Display Marketing Services team members would design specific Remarketing ads to bring in higher click through rates and onsite performance, lower bounce and higher conversion rate.