Every Client Project is unique in itself, but a systematic approach towards the project definitely leads to higher returns. Main aim of APEXITES is to create your online business presence through our E-Business Services. It’s all about Planning. Project scope needs to be defined in a simple but structured way. Next, there should be a good business plan with clear briefing documents related to E-Business Services, stating right information about the customers, marketplace, products, services, sector specific issues, competitor activities etc.

E-Business Services

Marketing Strategy then needs to be worked out with definitive, achievable and measurable set of goals. APEXITES structured process can broadly be split into the following stages :


The initial Project Briefing can make or break the process. First stage of the process involves a brief meeting with the Client about the various aspects of the project to be undertaken for E-Business Services. Specific factors related to the project need to be discussed. These factors are

Key Targets

Firstly, we need to establish the key targets for E-Business Services that the client wishes to achieve. Too many wishy-washy aims can lead to a lack of focus when it comes to execution. The team at APEXITES defines the core objectives in achievable as well as measurable terms, so that the client has a clear picture about the ROI.

Special Features

The main aim of our team at APEXITES is to make your product or service popular and attract more and more customers. We work on the special features and benefits of your offerings through our E-Business Services, to make it your USP and achieve higher returns.

Prospective Customers

An in-depth knowledge about the target market and the prospective customers is a must for effective E-Business Services. Our team works in collaboration with the client to define a list of targets to be worked upon.


It is always important to know who is involved in the decision-making process from the word go, so that they are explicitly involved in the sign-off process at key development milestones.

Time & Budget

One of the major concerns for any project are Time & Budget. The budget specified for the project needs to be clearly stated and matched with the services to be taken up. Every project has various activities and campaigns to be undertaken for E-Business Services from time to time to enhance the results. The Timing for these campaigns and special budget provisions should be well defined to bring in maximum return on investment.

Research & Analysis

Once the Briefing stage is completed and the core objectives, services to be taken up, budget etc. are well defined, the internal process of our team begins. This is the Research & Analysis phase of the project, where we ensure that we understand our client’s business to the necessary level of depth, followed by a brainstorming session which will help to establish some key insights that will drive development of the our strategy with regard to E-Business Services. Activities undertaken in this phase are

Company Analysis

Every Company is different in its own way. Therefore, a thorough analysis about the company and its products is a pre-requisite for successful project completion. It potentially involves desk research, qualitative and quantitative procedures and conversations with management and staff to get a clear view about the products, services and procedures.

Market Research

High Conversion Rate is the major focus of all business activities. Prospective customers need to be specifically targeted according to their interests, demographics, location etc. Therefore thorough market research is required to get maximum benefits from our E-Business Services, in terms of maximum ROI, higher sales and loyal customers

Competitor Analysis

Competition is the driving force for any business. Recognizing the major competitors, keeping an eye on their activities and campaigns help to focus on the major areas where efforts are required to be put in to get high turnovers. Our Research & Analysis team works towards these goals and provide detailed competitor analysis report.

Strategy Making

For effective project handling, strategies need to be developed with regard to identification of corporate issues, establishment of brand values, product or service positioning, unique selling propositions (USPs), audience profiling, sales pipeline processes, marketing media mix, creative direction, the acquisition of new customers, the retention of current customers, cross-selling to existing customers and the creation of brand loyalty. The major activities involved for E-Business Services, in this phase are

Defining Corporate Vision

Every business is undertaken with a vision in mind. In order to be successful, the vision should be defined in clear terms alongwith the goals to be achieved. For an effective E-Business Services strategy, the corporate vision, mission and targets in measurable terms must be predefined.

Product Positioning

The main aim of Business Strategy is making a position of the product or service you are offering. Product positioning required expertise in the field of market research and marketing tactics. A combination of well planned production and marketing plans would result in high-level branding and positioning.


Customer Engagement must be a focal point of all the E-Business Services. Prospective and existing customers may be engaged through lucrative offers from time to time. Digital Marketing Strategy is the best option to engage your target audience and make a reputation of your business in the world of internet marketing.


Unique Selling Proposition or USPs of your business needs to be worked upon to attract the target audience. USP also gives an edge to your brand over the competitors. Strategy defining the USPs of your product or service must be defined in advance and marketing plans be made accordingly.

Creative Aspects

It is often said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but in today’s world of online business presence, it is important to look good. Once the Strategies for E-Business Services are defined, we will then work on the Creative Aspects. This would include

Concept Visuals

Images often create a better impact than spoken or written words. Based on the strategic direction, the concepts for establishing and promoting your business are visually designed by our expert and creative team members. Corporate Presentations are prepared to showcase the objectives to be achieved and plans to be followed by various teams.


Graphics include images, videos, powerpoint presentations, infographics, basically anything that makes a visual impact. We have experienced and highly creative graphic designers who have the skills to put any concept in the form of graphics presentation. We will demonstrate how the creative concepts will work across all relevant collaterals, and we will then revise and amend the designs until they meet with the complete approval of our clients.

Media Deployment

Armed with all the relevant information, we are now able to design and deliver all of the necessary content and concepts in whatever media format is required – for websites and internet marketing, for printed sales collateral, for event marketing purposes, and so on.

Project Management

This phase is the spirit behind corporate success, whether the project undertaken is for any E-Business Services. It is the on-going practical demonstration of the values and beliefs of the business. We believe that high quality project management is what makes the difference for an amazing outcome. Unlike other marketing agencies which tend to push delivery onto junior members of the account management team, we believe that experience and knowledge are critical when it comes to execution, which is why you will only ever deal with a senior project management consultant. Delivery begins from the word go – it is the essence of the entire process. It ensures adherence to the various stages of the methodology. It requires

Time Plans

Time is the most critical factor in today’s world. The outcome of various plans and strategies is time-based. The same strategy may or may not work if it is executed at a different time. Therefore Time Management is one of the most important task for proper project execution. Our experienced managers would define time based plans and monitor execution of the project timelines to make your projects a success.

Defining Milestones

Milestones need to be set for every business activity like E-Business Services, in order to measure the results. All business tasks are performed with a target in mind which needs to be put in terms of milestones that can be matched with results for evaluation.

Budget Control

Everything needs money. Various activities and campaigns should be well planned and executed as per the schedules and guidelines to keep budget under control. Knowledge about the market, trends, competitors and customer targeting is required to keep business activities and campaigns within the defined financial limits. For this our financial and marketing managers work in collaboration with your team members to bring out the best results for your business.

 Performance Analytics

It’s all about Results. E-Business Services, all need to be evaluated to get an insight about the quality of various services. Evaluation or Performance Analysis is the final stage of the project, but it is an ongoing and continuous process rather than just being a phase. Evaluation is done through


Business Reporting is the basic requirement for every project. The tasks undertaken for E-Business Services should be well reported in order to analyse and match the results with the targets. Our Analytics team defines various report formats customized according to different projects. These reports gather all the relevant facts about how the tasks and campaigns performed, which in turn, gives a detailed analysis about the targets achieved.

Monitoring & Improvement

Reports give a detailed analysis about the E-Business Services that needs to be closely monitored to know whether the targets and objectives have been achieved or not. The activities that have given targeted results need to be monitored continuously so that no deviation occurs. On the other hand, the tasks and campaigns that did not perform well should be redefined and a process of continuous improvement should be taken up.